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King of the Hammers 2017

KMC arrived at King of the Hammers 2017 in Johnson Valley, CA early Saturday morning with two 10’ x 20’ foot containers complete with an observation deck. The front opened up to reveal a bar, leather couches and big screen tvs. The “compound,” surrounded by pallet fencing with custom pallet furniture was completed and ready for visitors on Monday morning.

King of the Hammers is a 7 day event with something scheduled every day from motorcycle racing, different class shootouts, qualifying, pre-running and UTV racing. Somewhere amongst the hectic schedule, we were able to round up a few of our guys on Means Lake bed for a photoshoot on Monday before things really got started.

KMC had ambassadors participating in multiple events throughout the week. The Vision X Shootout presented by KMC, Can-Am KOH UTV race, Smittybuilt Every Man Challenge, and the final big race on Friday, Nitto’s King of the Hammers.

This year we decided to do something that most thought would be impossible, a belly flop contest in the middle of the desert. Hoping it wouldn’t be a “flop,” we planned it anyway and posted about it on social media with the grand prize being a set of KMC wheels. We slowly started to realize that it was going to be a lot bigger than anticipated because as we handed out fliers, people began to comment that they had seen it online and would be signing up. The contest was great, the Lamones played on top of the containers during the event and the huge crowd cheered on the competitors. At the end of the night, everyone walked away with a huge smile and two guys had certificates for wheels. With the massive turnout, we decided to award a second set of wheels. For those that missed the live broadcast, we did have one woman enter the contest amongst about 20+ crazy guys. Hats off to her for getting in on the action.

KMC is no stranger to King of the Hammers or Ultra 4 Racing, we enjoy these events and look forward to this event every year. We have already scheduled meetings to figure out how to go bigger and better in 2018, stay tuned.

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