AC Forged Wheels Rims 313 Satin 3 piece


Quantity: set of four


19″20″22″24″ AC Forged Wheels Rims 313 Satin 3 piece 

  • AC Forged Lines are crafted from aircraft grade aluminum
  • Custom Build 2 or 3 Piece Forged Wheel
  • Satin face w/Chrome Lip
  • 19″20″22″24″Staggered or Non Staggered Forged Rims
  • Limitless Choice of Finish Options including Chrome, Black,Carbon Fiber and Paint to Match.
  • Fits on BMW,Mercedes,Impala,Honda,Lexus,Infiniti,Camry,Maxima,Range Rover,Malibu,Truck,SUV and more…
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