Beyern Munich – Matte Black




BMW’s world headquarters are in Munich, Gemany, a must-see tour stop for any true BMW lover on a European jaunt. You can experience the excitement of Beyern’s Munich-named wheels, however, right here, without ever leaving home. Munich BMW wheels from Beyern feature an elaborate ten-spoke latticework, a masterstroke of the wheelmaker’s art made possible by employing two-piece construction. The spokes are cast, an approach that supports maximum design latitude, then fusion welded to a forged outer barrel. The result is a wheel of uncommon elegance, perfectly executed in silver with a machined face and chrome lip and in a tuxedo-black matte finish. Our Munich wheels make a powerful addition to any BMW, all the more so because of their grand scale, in 18,19,20 and 22-inch diameters and paired to achieve staggered fitments, with rear-axle wheels one-half to two inches wider than up front.

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