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Forgiato [ Exotic ] Dieci – Custom – 24″ – West Coast Wheel & Tire

Forgiato [ Exotic ] Dieci – Custom – 24″

Price on request


Forgiato 2.0 Exotic Dieci-ECL

Initially unveiled the first set of custom wheels on a Bugatti Veyron, the 2.0 line was created with the dignified discernible enthusiast in mind who not only values high quality craftsmanship but yearns for exclusivity. THE 2.0 embodies simplistic sophistication with its diamond cut lines and lack of visible mounting bolts for a seamless aesthetic. The 2.0 lines is available in 19-22 inches and like all Forgiato wheels can be customized to your preference.

The Forgiato Dieci is a custom wheel that is made to order in various sizes and finishes. The price listed is a starting price for standard finishes with the price going up for special finishes and accessories.

Wheel Series: Forgiato 2.0 Exotic
Available Sizes: 24×10″

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