Hamann Challenge Hyper Black


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Those seeking particularly athletic accents will find a spectacular new rim in HAMANN’s exclusive wheel programme: Challenge Black. The exclusive wheel convinces by an exciting design, a unique look and strong technical details.

With the matt black finish the new Challenge becomes an ultimate racing statement – the new wheel is characterised by a low weight and a high load capacity: HAMANN MOTORSPORT developed the monoblock wheel that is capable of withstanding extreme axle loads of 950 kg for imposing models such as the Mercedes-Benz GLE or other models of this brand. “Challenge” catches the eye with its design radiating dynamics and lightness and with the precious finish – and gives the luxury SUV class a particularly sporty character.

Seven deep-drawn double spokes with distinctive form elegantly run out at the rim flange and open up the view to the brake calliper. Thus, the 22-inch wheel appears even greater and more imposing. The premium lightweight’s exclusivity and originality also is evident in the HAMANN logo embossed in the wheel’s edge. The precious finish is continued in the aluminium hub cap that carries the HAMANN hallmark: an engraved “Pegasus”.

“Challenge” is manufactured from high-strength aluminium alloy in a complex and TÜV-certified flow forming process, which allows to reduce the weight by ten per cent compared to conventional cast wheel rims and a rim well that is as hard as the one of a forged wheel. The powder-coated primer provides an ideal corrosion resistance. However, as typical for HAMANN MOTORSPORT, there are special colours available that will meet individual customer wishes.

Integrated position points allow for an easy wheel alignment. HAMANN MOTORSPORT offers “Challenge” in sizes 10.0 x 22 and 12.0 x 22 inches with offsets of 35 and 50 millimetres, respectively. The 10-inch version HAMANN intended to be combined with high-performance tyres sized 285/40 ZR22, the 12-inch version with imposing tyres sized 325/35 ZR22. The sporty wheel with 5-bolt pattern already is available including General Operating Permit for many models.


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