Koko Kuture Funen Gloss Silver w/ Machined Face – 22″


SIZE: 22 x 9″, 22 x 10.5″



The Koko Kuture Funen is a bold, mesh, concave, wheel for most cars trucks and SUV’s. This full face wheel is available in 20 inch and 22 inch diameters with a variety of offsets.

Choose from black, black machined, silver, black smoke, and chrome wheel finishes.



BrandKoko Kuture
Wheel Diameters20″, 22″, 24″
FinishGloss Silver w/ Machined Face
OptionsConcave, Full-face, Reverse Lip
Wheel Sizes20 x 9″, 20 x 10.5″, 22 x 9″, 22 x 10.5″, 24 x 10″
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