Mandrus Simplex – Gloss Black w/ Chrome Lip




Those looking for the ultimate in aftermarket upgrade Mercedes Benz wheels will be hard pressed to find one that offers more than the Mandrus Simplex model. The five paired spokes emanate from the recessed lug seats like precision tuning forks, for a decidedly upscale appearance. The toughest choice Mercedes purists will have to make is choosing from the three stunning finishes, including matte black with a gloss black lip, gloss black with a chrome stainless lip and a distinctive gunmetal with a machined face and chrome stainless lip. The Simplex lips are as prominent in size as they are in finish, from three to four inches, depending on wheel diameter, for a fail-safe tire bead seat.

Simplex Mercedes rims are available in 18, 19, 20, 21 and 22-inch diameters, a selection designed to facilitate upsizing your tires and wheels. Within each diameter, multiple widths are available to support staggered fitments with larger widths on the rear axle.

Find the Simplex Mercedes wheels that are a precision fit for your year and model Mercedes by using the Fitment Guide.

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