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Method MR305 NV HD Matte Black – West Coast Wheel & Tire

Method MR305 NV HD Matte Black



Method MR305 NV HD Matte Black

When you’re driving a full size rig loaded to capacity along with a trailer attached, you’re right in the NV HD sweet spot. From chase trucks to toy haulers, the NV HD will keep the heaviest of rigs rolling right along. With a 4,500 lb load rating, these are one of the most stout wheels on the market. Available in 17×8.5 and 18×9 in 8×6.5, 8×170 and 8×180, all of the modern day big boys are covered. The NV HD is available in a matte black finish with a push-through cap and removable zinc plated bolts around the lip.

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