Redbourne Marques – Gloss Black w/ Mirror Cut Face and Black Lip




Redbourne Wheels’ remarkable Marques Land Rover rims can be defined with a single word: Precision. Perhaps it is the earnest array of 38 aircraft-type fasteners at the perimeter of the perfectly parallel “tuning fork” spokes. Despite the presence of the fasteners, Marque is a cast monoblock one-piece wheel, its features seemingly chiseled from the aluminum alloy. Clearly, Marques Range Rover Rims, in design, are as distinctive as the vehicles they are engineered to support. Absolutely stunning in glistening chrome, Marques Land Rover Wheels are equally attractive in gloss black with a mirror-cut lip, gunmetal with a mirror-cut face and lip, and gloss black with a mirror face and black lip.

Redbourne Marques Land Rover rims are available in both 20×9.5 and 22×9.5. In either case, Marques alloy wheels are compatible with OE tire pressure monitoring system, lugs and center caps and accommodate Brembo brake rotors.