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Solid Wrath BM Gloss Black w/ Ball Cut Details – West Coast Wheel & Tire

Solid Wrath BM Gloss Black w/ Ball Cut Details

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Utilizing the latest forge-hybrid, flow-forming technology, the SOLiD Wrath FF (Flow Form) is 20-30% stronger and lighter than other cast wheels. The Flow Form manufacturing process maintains the integrity of the design, while improving the grain structure of the aluminum, creating a stronger, lighter, and thinner barrel. This new forging technology allows our wheels to achieve a massive lip up to 8 inches.


Brand Koko Solid
Construction Flow Formed
Wheel Sizes 20 x 8.5″, 20 x 9″, 20 x 10″, 20 x 10.5″, 20 x 12″, 22 x 9″, 22 x 10″, 22 x 10.5″, 22 x 12″, 22 x 14″, 24 x 10″, 24 x12″
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