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While other sanctioning bodies have already kicked off their seasons, Battle at Primm is the first race of the season for the Southern Nevada Off Road Enthusiasts (SNORE) series. Battle at Primm is held at the Nevada state line in the town of Primm with a two day event format.

Recently signed Brandon Arthur made his Trophy Truck debut on KMC wheels and came out firing on all cylinders by finishing first overall on Day 1. The second day he didn’t see the same results, having picked up the pace quite a bit from Saturday but eventually decided to pull off after a transmission issue and a broken header. He made the call to save it before something catastrophic happened.

The 1450 class is very popular at the SNORE series because of it’s close proximity to hotels and shorter course, two day formats at Primm and Laughlin. That didn’t seem to be the case this year. With too many events too close together, BAP suffered and entries were very low. BAP usually sees 50 to 60 trucks and this year barely cleared 20 entries. This year, they also split some of the faster guys up and they were now running Pro class later in the day. Vince Munoz finished first in both 1450 and in Pro on KMC XD222 Enduro wheels both days.

KMC has stepped up to sponsor the 1450 Competition Series this year. This class is the perfect feeder class and most of the trucks running 1450 started out as daily drivers. The main rule for the class is that the vehicle needs to have a steel cab and working doors. These trucks resemble what most drove to the race. Most of the racers in this class have built and maintain their vehicles at home in their spare time with the help of friends. We are stoked to be a part of this group of guys.

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